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        By most definitions, characters need not have actual superhuman powers to be deemed superheroes, although sometimes terms such as costumed crimefighters are used to refer to those without such powers who have many other common traits of superheroes.The two-word version of the term is a trademark co-owned by DC Comics and Marvel Comics.
       Extraordinary powers and abilities, relevant skills, and/or advanced equipment. Although superhero powers vary widely, superhuman strength, the ability to fly, enhanced senses, and the projection of energy bolts are all common. Some superheroes, such as Batman and the Question possess no superhuman powers but have mastered skills such as martial arts and forensic sciences. Others have special weapons or technology, such as Iron Man's powered armor suits and Green Lantern’s power ring. Many characters supplement their natural powers with a special weapon or device (e.g., Wonder Woman's lasso and bracelets, Spider-Man's webbing, Wolverine's adamantium, Daredevil's billy club, Thor's hammer, Gambit's staff, etc.)

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อิโมติคอนส์ MSN การ์ตูนดุ๊กดิ๊ก แต่งได ไอคอนแต่งไดอารี่ อีโมชั่นสื่ออารมณ์
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Hi and welcome to GangToon Super Hero pic,divided in categories such as: superhero japan, hero film, hero movie, superhero cartoon, batman, Animals hero, Untarman, Spiderman, Maskrider, Superman and more superhero pics etc.
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- This is just one more way to have more fun with superhero pics. Super Hero are not only fun but they are free.
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